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Technology for Brands

Technology for Brands

Wednesday, December 17, 2014



Green Bay, Wis.—It’s the place that big brands go to do what needs to be done.

Now, even more technology integration will be part of meeting the needs of brands around the world thanks to advances at Elevate97, a Green Bay company that provides distribution, production, technology, and design services.

The company just announced the hiring of Kevin Krull to lead the expansion of technology and process improvement to better serve its clients.

“Kevin is a big a part of our strategic intent of staying ahead of our world-renowned retail clients’ needs,” said Kate Burgess, CEO and owner of Elevate97.

Krull is a seasoned information technology professional who bucks the stereotype of being an IT guy. “I’m really a brand guy. Always have been,” said Krull, who comes to Elevate97 with 16 years of strategy, branding, business consulting and process improvement work as part of his information technology mix.

“How do big brands get their goals met? It’s through the integration of process improvement and technology. Whether it’s been working with brands like Disney or Huggies—in the U.S. or Southeast Asia—the question for my clients has been similar: How can we use technology to create a great customer experience? I love creating the roadmap and process to get us there. It’s what I’ve been brought here to Elevate97 to do,” said Krull.

“And what a great place to be. The vision of Elevate97 is captivating. I’ve spent my career elevating world-class brands with technology and process. And that’s the sole purpose of this organization—I have now found a home for what I do best,“ said Krull.

Carhartt, Pandora Jewlery, and TaylorMade-adidas Golf rely on Elevate97’s ability to provide technology and logistical solutions to distribute their marketing assets.

“Our clients and partners already know that technology integration is critical for their success,” said Elevate97 president Dave Coe. “By adding Kevin Krull to our team, we are ramping up our ability to be ahead of our client needs and counsel them on what can further help them reach their goals.”

“Think of my area as the left tackle on a football team,” says Krull, who’s a trained Six Sigma Green Belt. “Whether it’s process or technology related, our success depends on the success of the entire team.”

Elevate97, occupies 190,000 square feet of warehousing space in Green Bay, Wisconsin. With roots in fulfillment, warehousing and direct mail, Elevate97 today provides distribution, design, production and technology solutions—primarily for the retail industry.

“We produce marketing materials of all shapes and sizes. Think little boxes to large storefront environments,” said Burgess. “With our additional focus on technology and process improvement, we will further extend our services to promote brands in stores around the world.”

“This is just the beginning. Stay tuned,” said Burgess. “In the coming months you’ll hear about other major initiatives we are making with technology. Kevin is helping us set the stage for greatness ahead,” said Burgess. “This is all part of our strategic plan and commitment to provide integrated services for the brands we serve.”

About Elevate97

Elevate97 was established in 1997 and is dedicated to showing off world-renown retail brands. Anywhere. Anyhow. The company provides a wide variety of services to get its clients’ brands to stores and homes.

Elevate97 clients include brands such as Carhartt, New ERA, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, Pandora Jewelry, TaylorMade-adidas Golf and the Green Bay Packers.

For more information visit www.elevate97.com.