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ShopDEV 2.0

We built a proprietary software platform called ShopDev2.0™ that provides the ability to manage orders, inventory, campaigns, fixtures and tracking. It's a tool that is simple for your team to use as an interface giving you real-time information on where your items are at any moment. It gives you the information you need to make educated business decisions.


TaylorMade-adidas Golf uses ShopDev to elevate their brand. Hear how they leverage Elevate97's technology to manage their point of sale needs.

Campaign Management
Utilizing Elevate97’s proprietary technology, our partners’ orders are batched and consolidated by retail location, prioritized based on delivery times, delivered in a single customized branded package, and our customers have the ability to see to the entire process via real-time reporting. By consolidating orders Elevate97 saves our partners greater than 50% of campaign costs. Hot dog!

Order Management
Within ShopDev, you can go online and order POS and POP at your convenience. It’s basically on online shopping cart of your signage and fixtures. You click to order and tell us where you want it and when. We take it from there.

Store Tracking
This is a mobile tool for coordinators, merchandisers, and store personnel. You can use this in the field and it allows you to measure the success of store set up. You can view how it’s set up, rate it, conduct surveys, and more.

Fixture Management
This tool lets you track assets by location. It helps you keep accurate and detailed records as to what you sent, when you sent it, how big it was, what it looked like, what the original plans for installation were, etc. This helps you make educated decisions on what’s needed in a store next.

Co-op Management
We help you manage co-op funds so you can further invest in signage, fixtures and other marketing. Our system allows you to submit and approve claim requests. There is also a process that supports reimbursement. How cool is that?