Archive: August 2017


What’s that old adage about standing back and looking at things from a different perspective? One of the hardest things about being a parent is never really knowing if what you’re doing for your children is making a difference, resonating. Sometimes this requires us to stand back. Last week I volunteered to work at a fundraiser centered on a shared community meal. At the beginning of the night, we were asked, “What has been your favorite moment this summer?” I […]


Not far from a group of protestors and with the constant traffic of 5th Avenue at our backs, my team and I came to a full stop outside the windows of famed department store, Bergdorf Goodman. Here, the artist Benjamin Shine had created a series of female portraits out of single sheets of tulle. You know what tulle is, right? It’s that fishnet like fabric that gets tied around chairs at weddings or sewn into the hems of little girl’s dresses. I don’t […]