Archive: September 2017


Everybody has a story. Everybody has…stuff. How we handle it…for ourselves and for our friends is what truly matters. I sat in an audience of just over 1,300 area women yesterday to hear firsthand, the survival story of Elizabeth Smart. As she approached the podium, she carried herself with such a natural grace and ease, a gentle smile on her face…her white dress almost flowing as she walked across the stage. Hers is the sort of story you almost have to ready yourself, prepare […]


You feel it, right? That bit of brisk air when you step outside in the morning. It is definitely here. While it might not be officially autumn for a few more days, I am looking forward and ready for fall. So often, we build our calendars around the larger benchmarks such as our children’s return to school and major holidays. The days in between the larger milestones are quickly filled in with appointments and meetings. It’s important to take our […]