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Take The Shot

I texted a picture of the darkened dashboard clock reading 6:19am to a girlfriend of mine and wrote, “If you can’t beat em’…join them. What it takes to see and be with my daughter.” Its deer hunting season in Wisconsin and mine is a family that hunts. That means waking up before dawn, dressing in layers of warm clothing and camouflage, driving to a designated spot and waiting…sometimes for hours…for the right moment and the right white tail deer. My […]

ELEVATE97 ACQUIRES UNITED SIGN CORPORATION: The Purchase Complements The Company’s Spring Acquisition of Colortech Signs and Graphics

GREEN BAY, WI, November 4, 2019 — Elevate97, a brand solutions company delivering full-service advertising, brand strategy, video, print, fulfillment, technology and design, today announced it has acquired United Sign Corporation, a privately held company in De Pere, Wisconsin. “This purchase reflects our growth strategy and complements our March acquisition of Colortech Signs and Graphics,” said Elevate97 CEO Kate Burgess. “It is designed to strengthen our services as a strategic, single-source, end-to-end marketing resource and brand partner. With the additional […]