“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” – Bill Nye

Remember turning 21?

Wait…let me re-phrase that. Do you remember the buildup of expectations and emotions to actually turning 21?
Remember how it felt as if every birthday before that one felt like you were just working towards some sort of precipice to the rest of your life? Coming up through childhood and adolescence, turning 21 is seemingly the last milestone birthday before we begin to simply tick off the age markers by the entrance to new decades.

Elevate97 turns 21 this year. Additionally, we’ve been fortunate to experience a lot of new births within our workplace. The beginning of 2018 brought us FIVE new babies born to Elevate97 families, most of them to first time parents. It’s been exciting to be a witness as some of the partners I see each day have experienced these first steps into this new journey.

It’s an incredible reminder of what it means to be alive.

But it isn’t just the journey story of our expectant partners that I have been reflecting on. It’s the journey story of all our partners.

Every partner is at a different point in their journey with Elevate97. From Jim Bott who will be meeting his seventeen year anniversary this April to Rebecca Aaron, our newest hire of 2018 and first satellite partner operating out of the NY Metro area. All of us, continuing to build upon the story and goals of Elevate97.

Growth doesn’t end with a milestone birthday; birthdays are just a signifier that you’ve reached another level. I don’t view Elevate97 as just an organization…I also view it as a life. This is why our focus is always on our ability to remain innovative and to invest in those ideas and individuals that keep us on a track for improvement, for furthering our accomplishments.

Goals are so important. They are what stem up and grow from a defined sense of values and focus.

My focus and my ultimate goal for 2018 is for us to INVEST in our internal partners, to continue to drill down into the growth and training necessary to keep our people operating at their best. It’s been incredible to sit face to face with the people I work alongside and listen to them as they tell me what matters to them, what motivates them.

I believe in the power and possibility of all people. We are capable of so much.

We’re looking forward to celebrating our own 21st birthday as an organization…and believe me when I tell you Elevate97 knows how to throw a party. But we’re even more excited about everything that comes after the candles have been blown out and the party hats have been put away.

We’re in it for another 21 years and another 21 years after that!

Cheers to new beginnings and to celebrating the journey thus far. Welcome 2018!



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