When Pantone announced that Living Coral 16-1546 was the Pantone Color of the Year for 2019, they described it as having the ability to “…to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.” Buoyancy. It’s a word that bears a definition surrounded by somewhat differing synonyms such as vigor, cheerful, resilience, strength, balance, growth, optimistic…a lifting effect. (Sounds a bit like elevation to me.) I love that a brand like Pantone calls us to attention and casts a spell […]


“Do I WANT to do better?” It’s a valid question and really…it’s the first question you should ask yourself before beginning any project or setting a new goal.Because if you don’t actually want to do something better or improve, you will never gain the momentum necessary to finish, to move forward. We are so good at setting life goals come every New Year’s Eve. It’s an easy time of year when everything feels right to begin anew. New Year…new you, […]


Part 4: “Kindness” I ask Charles to give me one word…one word that he feels makes him shine or that he would want people to remember when they think of him. “Kindness.” (I love this.) “You know, it’s always interesting when people tell you what they think of you or how they see you. I was in a meeting today and some of the people there have known me a short time and some people have known me a long […]