Green Bay-based Elevate97 played a key role in creating the larger-than-life experience unveiled today at the new Packers Hall of Fame. High-end environmental graphics produced and installed by Elevate97 are important elements in portraying the history and brand of Green Bay’s NFL team in an impactful and emotional way.

“Elevate97 is honored to be a part of this special project. Our goal was to materialize the Packers vision of the Hall of Fame,” said Kate Burgess, CEO and owner of Elevate97.

Elevate97 earned the confidence of the Packers organization through past success, starting with the stock sale of 2011. Elevate97 managed the fulfillment of 180,000 stock certificates in a crunch to get to fans before Christmas. Later, Elevate97 contributed to the fan atmosphere of the Packers Pro Shop. More recently, Elevate97 also played a part in bringing the environmental graphics for 1919 Kitchen & Tap to life.

“We understood that for the Hall of Fame, in particular, the Packers were envisioning a reverential view of the team’s history. Through graphics, we needed to evoke the feeling of being a part of that history,” said Burgess.

Visitors to the Hall of Fame will see Elevate97’s work most evident in the “Greatest Story in Sports Montage,” printed on reclaimed barn wood and spanning 12 feet high and more than 50 feet wide.

Visitors will see images reflecting the lore of the Packers printed on barn board, something unique to Elevate97’s solution-producing techniques. Elevate97’s state-of-the-art UV printing technology uses no heat, making it possible to print on the board without the damage that would have occurred with traditional methods.

Elevate97 designed signage for the 1919 Kitchen & Tap, but its largest success for the restaurant was the innovation of printing on burlap chairs. Printing on the burlap selected while achieving the color and imagery needed was a challenge Elevate97 also met successfully.

“The Packers brand has always been exceptional,” said Burgess. “Our goal, through execution and special touches, was to elevate the fan experience to help them learn more of the team’s history—so everyone who visits feels a part of the team.”

Elevate97’s collaboration included partnerships with architecture and design firm Rockwell Group, New York, and 1220 Exhibits, Inc., Nashville, which specialized in the physical aspects of the Hall of Fame exhibits.

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