Elevate97 is proud to share the results of a partnership between the Green Bay Packers, Hammes Company and Rockwell to provide specialty signage, custom framed-art, wayfinding and custom furniture finishes for 1919 Kitchen & Tap, the newly opened restaurant located on the main floor of Lambeau Field’s atrium.

Among the many Elevate97 touches, guests experience the Green Bay Packers brand on custom printed burlap upholstered chairs that feature newspaper clippings from the hallowed Packers archives.

Elevate97 is proud to have participated on several brand elevation projects for the Packers organization including the newly opened Hall of Fame and the fulfillment work for the last Green Bay Packers stock sale.

To see more images showcasing 1919 Kitchen & Tap visit https://www.1919kitchenandtap.com/

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