Technology is integrated in all they do to promote world-renown retail brands. But that technology just got a bit cooler as Elevate97 announced today its latest innovation—ShopDev2.0.

“In its simplest terms, ShopDev2.0 is the ultimate B2B shopping cart for big brands,” says Kate Burgess, CEO and owner of Elevate97.

Elevate97 knew they had a hit on their hands a dozen years ago when the company created proprietary software to make their world-renowned retail clients’ lives easier when fulfilling store-to-store marketing needs. Retailers wanted a simple, online tool that could track, order and ship signage and marketing tools to stores around the country from the warehouses of Elevate97. They called it ShopDev.

“Elevate97 built it and our partners loved it then, and still use it today,” said Burgess. “Now, we made it even better and more responsive.”

In 2002, online shopping carts were not the norm and they certainly were not integrated into day-to-day store marketing management. Today, the expectation of online tools is at an all-time high.

“We know our clients are going to continue to need more. As part of our strategy to be a single-source service provider—the place that produces and distributes marketing materials and experiences of all shapes and sizes for world renown retail brands—we must keep upping ShopDev’s capabilities,” said Burgess.

A big part of the enhancement of ShopDev2.0 is that it’s responsive to the big retail brand sales and marketing teams that are mobile and global.

“Today’s retail executives, regional managers and sales teams are not just in their offices. They’re in and out of countless stores, on planes, and in transit every day. Our technology is as mobile as they are, said Kevin Krull, director of process and information technology at Elevate97.

“It’s a big tool with a boutique feel,“ said Chris Levesque, director of sales and client service at Elevate97 who hears from retail partners daily. “Our clients want this to be their tool—consistent with their brand. The technology they use should mirror the attention to brand detail they sweat over. ShopDev2.0 does just that and it’s customizable to meet their needs.”

The big take-away is that ShopDev2.0 offers retail brands the ability to make smart business decisions—and respond to the likes and dislikes of their customers—fast. They can order materials for a certain campaign, see what’s in stock, and get it to their store on any given day. They can see what’s in, what’s coming, and request what they want 24/7.

ShopDev2.0 will continue to evolve. “Next on the horizon is location awareness and history awareness. Our goal is to have key information at the fingertips of those on the go so they can make smart business decisions,“ says Krull.

Other retail partners like Nautica and Jones Apparel Group are also longtime users of ShopDev. Elevate97 expects the enhancements of ShopDev2.0 will make it even more desirable to its other clients as well.

“We have high hopes. ShopDev2.0 is in direct response to listening to our clients. They want a mobile and responsive platform—so here it is. A better, faster, on-the-go version—we elevated our technology so to elevate the brands we partner with every day. It’s our job to elevate,” said Burgess.

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