Not far from a group of protestors and with the constant traffic of 5th Avenue at our backs, my team and I came to a full stop outside the windows of famed department store, Bergdorf Goodman.

Here, the artist Benjamin Shine had created a series of female portraits out of single sheets of tulle. You know what tulle is, right? It’s that fishnet like fabric that gets tied around chairs at weddings or sewn into the hems of little girl’s dresses. I don’t think I even stop when I pass by it in the craft store, but here on the streets of New York  City, I found myself quite breathless looking up at an entire window of it on display.

Through hours of layering and manual manipulation of this very basic fabric, the artist had created something that caused an immediate sense of vibrancy and motion and at the same time…a wonderful recognition of calm.

And I thought, “This is how we elevate the ordinary.”

The solutions we seek are often found just on the other side of one changed perspective. Is it simply a pile of filler material at your feet or the possibility and means for creating a piece of artwork, evoking emotion? It all depends on how we look at it and how we apply our sense of creativity, imagination.

I also found myself thinking about the parade of other people passing down that same street and the inspiration they might find from taking a moment to look up.

Our teams utilize a variety of materials every day in their approach to finding solutions for our client and community partners. If it’s flat and under two inches…odds are we can print on it.

And we have. Glass, brick, metal, wood…our work is out there. I’m inspired by the solutions and moments of awe we create at Elevate97.

Let’s never stop seeking inspiration or sharing what we find.



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