You feel it, right? That bit of brisk air when you step outside in the morning. It is definitely here. While it might not be officially autumn for a few more days, I am looking forward and ready for fall.

So often, we build our calendars around the larger benchmarks such as our children’s return to school and major holidays. The days in between the larger milestones are quickly filled in with appointments and meetings. It’s important to take our time and savor every moment. Life is long and we have so much to look forward to. Here’s what I’m looking forward to this early fall…

Strength + Purpose

  • I am again participating in a small and intimate networking event that connects area women who may not have had the opportunity to connect prior to this meeting. I loved the insights gained last year and can’t wait to share what I learn this year!


  • Coffee Day September 29

    • Make mine black and keep it coming! How easy is it to ask someone to join you for a cup of coffee? Some of our team’s best ideas have come out of simple coffee-fueled breakout sessions and casual meetups. What’s your favorite place to meet up for coffee and how do you take yours?
  • NY Fashion Week

    • I’ve been talking to my own fashion “insiders” who just returned from NY Fashion Week and things are looking BRIGHT! From juicy red nails to playful pink fur, it’s all about colorful self-expression. And did I mention denim? Denim. Denim. Denim. Now that the kids are outfitted for school, let’s get ourselves out onto the retail playground! Maybe take a bus of our own? Check out one of our favorite NYC fashion game changers, Rebecca Minkoff…let’s get on THAT bus!
  • Start of the NFL Football Season

    • It’s here! Green Bay will always be Titletown and right now is our season! Elevate97 has a special connection to Lambeau Field and The Green Bay Packers as made evident by our extensive portfolio of work we’ve produced for them over the years. Someone said a while back that “football may not have been invented here [Green Bay]…but it should have been.” I totally agree. I think sometimes the loyalty and energy of our fans alone could power the lights in this great town of ours. Go Pack!

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


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