What does leadership look like to you?

What does it mean to inspire leadership?

As I read the most recent publication of Insight magazine featuring Bellin CEO and President, Chris Woleske, I reflected on the concept of leadership.
In her cover story, Chris is quoted as saying, “Over the years, we have really subscribed to a constancy of purpose.”

A constancy of purpose.

As the leader of a health care service that spans across northeastern Wisconsin and into upper Michigan, I find her devotion to purpose to be remarkable.

I am inspired by this.

I wondered then, what the inspiration of leadership looks like for other individuals.

There are so many people around me, men and women that help guide and inspire me in my daily life. I have found a richness of inspiration in my family, my colleagues and community partners. Sometimes it’s simply the energy they carry.

The energy a person chooses to put forward in life is a powerful motivator. I am wholly conscience of the energy I bring to the table, every day. Deciding to show up isn’t always enough. It’s how we choose to show up that matters. Our energy, our vibe…it’s an immediate read and indicator and it can change the course of every meeting, every exchange.

Choosing to show up, choosing to engage and contribute to the conversation despite our mood or personal challenges. That’s the mark of strong leadership.

A constancy of purpose. Propelling us forward in any situation.

This past January as we honored the life of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I again reflected on the concept of leadership.

Since the acquisition of the KHROME agency in 2018, our organization has continued the work of the MLK poster project first created by the late Jim Rivett.

Original artwork inspired by the words and legacy of MLK is created and then distributed throughout area schools in the form of an annual poster. As you spend time in almost any one of the schools in our community, elementary through high school, you will often see these posters from every year since its inception.

It isn’t unusual for people to ask for additional copies or have these posters framed within their homes and classrooms. This year, we also created a smaller, post card style version of the poster and sent it to our community partners. The response has been tremendous. I’m so proud to have an active role in helping this tradition continue.

A thank you note from area leader, Steve Maricque, after recieving the new MLK post card.

This year, our team worked in partnership with the Green Bay Area Public School Superintendent Michelle Langenfeld to challenge area students to tell us how the leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King inspires them and is personified in their school.

The response from these students was awesome. Our teams were blown away by the sense of pride these young people expressed for their schools and community and for one another.

What a powerful seed to plant. When we ask young people how they feel or what matters to them, we are telling them how and what they feel, matters.

This too is leadership. By giving others a voice, we not only employ great things to happen in that moment, but we sow the seeds for future acts of greatness, for better choices to be made.

When we tell others that we see vision and wisdom in them, they will show us what that vision and wisdom looks like.

In the coming weeks, I will be able to share what our teams have produced with these area students. I’m so excited and I hope you are as inspired by them as I have been.

Martin Luther King once said, “All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.”

We have the ability, every day, to inspire great leadership in others.

How you will you inspire leadership today?

How will you remain constant to your purpose?

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