When it comes to your world-renowned brand’s assembly needs, our team at Elevate97 knows it’s in the details. With twelve pockets that can handle large, small and irregular shapes, and the ability to produce up to 1,800 kits per hour, the MKW GIGANT 2.0 collator from Germany is made for sensational acts. You dream up the kit – our collator can take it from there.

“We’re committed to investing in systems that allow us to exceed our customers’ expectations,” said Alan Klemme, Production Manager at Elevate97. “This collator will do just that – exceed our retailer’s expectations for their point-of-purchase displays.”

Basically, it’s about sensors. Our new collator ensures that your items are placed in the right order with the right quantity thanks to its flexible sensors – infrared and ultrasonic. You have the ability to tailor each kit to your specific audience. The sensors work to give you dynamically collated kits so accurate, you’ll wonder if it’s an illusion.

At Elevate97, we can customize it, suction it, sense it, bag it and label it better to get your kits assembled perfectly. And we can do it all in a matter of hours. Anywhere. Anyhow.

MKW GIGANT 2.0   Highlights
  • 12 pockets
  • 4 hand stations
  • Up to 1,800 kits per hour
  • Sizes from 1”x2” to 22”x28”
  • Flexible sensors adapt to size

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