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That’s how our partnership with TaylorMade continues to elevate their overall marketing strategy. We do this through ShopDev2.0™, our proprietary software, the ultimate B2B shopping cart. ShopDev improves how they order products online. It’s easy to use. And there’s a real-time connection to our warehouse. Basically, they click, we deliver. Anywhere. Anyhow.

More than
years of trusted delivery
elevate97    Highlights
  • Utilization of our proprietary software ShopDev2.0™ resulting in more than 50% campaign cost savings
  • Fulfillment of POS and POP
“We as a company are always wanting to be ahead of the competition, and when you have this ability [through ShopDev] to interact with a customer based off of point of sale graphics as well as fixtures, they’ve just made my job a lot easier.”
Shaun Rezachek
Sales Rep, TaylorMade